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The Gathering Place is a community-oriented group of people bonded together in an authentic Christian family based on true love, understanding, mutual support and respect for each other's dignity as we see it modeled in the life of Jesus Christ. We are located at 219 King Street in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Sunday, April 4, 2020

You can watch our sermon by playing the video below. Words to the songs can be found just below the video.

Let us praise God in song, listen to God's word, and pray for the inspiration to find new ways to serve through difficult times.

Palm Sunday (April 5th) - 218 and 215

218 Hosanna, loud hosanna

Hosanna, loud hosanna, the little children sang;
through pillared court and temple the joyful anthem rang.
To Jesus, who had held them close folded to his breast,
the children sang their praises, the simplest and the best.

From Olivet they followed amid the shouting crowd,
the victor palm branch waving and chanting clear and loud;
Messiah, God's anointed, rode there in humble state,
'Hosanna, in the highest!' rang out their praises great.

'Hosanna in the highest!' that ancient song we sing,
for Christ is our Redeemer, the Lord of heaven our King.
Oh may we ever praise him with heart and life and voice,
and in God's joyful presence eternally rejoice!

215 Filled with excitement

Filled with excitement all the happy throng
spread cloaks and branches on the city streets.
There in the distance they begin to see
riding on a donkey comes the Son of God

From every corner a thousand voices sing
praises to Him Who comes in the Name of God.
With one great shout of acclamation
loud triumphant song breaks forth,
Hosannam hosanna to the King.
Hosanna, hosanna to the King.

As in that entrance to Jerusalem
we sing hosannas to the Christ our King.
To the living Savior Who still calls today
asking us to follow Him with love and faith.
Go In Love

Go in Love; Have no fear.
God will guide you, He is Always near.
Go in love; take God's hand.
God will hear you, He will understand.
May God's light forever shine upon you;
may His peace be always in your heart.
Go in love; face each day.
God will lead you, He will show the way.
Go in love and live in faith.
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