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Bits and Bites May 20, 2020
- Posted 2020-05-20 16:44:32

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

Enjoying the sun on our faces certainly ain’t the same thing as quietly basking like turtles.  In fact, we seem to be making hay while the sun shines, and leaving Covid in the dark corner.

Viewing figures are one thing, but we know lots ‘n’ lots of you people watched Sunday’s webcast service to the bitter (sweet) end.  How?  Cuz Rev Adam was swamped with Birthday Wishes on Tuesday!  He’s almost forgiven us for ambushing him at the end of the video … but he brought it on himself by ambushing Linda the previous Sunday.  Good thing we haven’t worked out how to edit videos yet!  It’s more fun this way! 

Oh – and Happy Birthday to all the other May Babies … and there are quite a lot of you.  A special shout-out to our own Shirley Minou who turned 39 (again) recently.  Your secret is safe with us, Shirl!

Many of us are hardly twiddling our thumbs on the home front.  Mask-making, delivering meals-on-wheels, passing the peace by phone, and – in Larry Fisher’s case – taking to creative writing.  He’s gifting us his “Teaching Moments” which you can download by clikicng here for your reading pleasure!  Kudos, and thanks, Larry!

The Bible Studies are still Zzzzoooom-ing along.  It’s Ladies’ Bible Study tomorrow.  If you aren’t getting the Invitation with all the entrance info, give us a shout and Rev. Adam will get you fixed up.  Or if you’re feeling techno-confident, join in here, with the snappy password “655270”.  Kinda rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

The Friday Morning Coffee Lounge is another room to Zoom in on.  Put the kettle on and join us.  Not getting the email from Rev Adam?  Let us know and we’ll get you signed up.

It isn’t all “sunny ways” for all God’s childrun though.  Bravo, Out of the Cold organizers who have extended the meal service on a carry-out basis to the end of June.  Can you help on June 9th or 16th?  Larry and Sharon Beverly are waiting to hear from you, by May 25th please.  Get in touch: 

905-894-0484  or  or  They’ve got the whole physical distancing thing worked out and the kitchen runs like clockwork – join the team!

Meanwhile, elsewhere …

South Niagara Life Ministries Baby Bottle Bank Campaign is back! Taking to the ether, SNLM has set itself up with Canada Helps to support people with unplanned pregnancies.  Every donation is life changing – and you can now become a supporter on-line at  Not big on the on-line bit?  Just get in touch with The GP and I’ll get you a print version of their donation info. 

It’s too nice for homework and, apparently, school’s out for summer anyway so I have another story from the First Presbyterian archives…

I’m told that the Sanctuary at 176 Elm Street used to have the pulpit off to one side instead of in the smack-dab centre.  The organ was the same, with that nice carved screen tucking the organist out of sight, and those big gold pipes loomed over us all on the front wall.  Remember?  Well, it must have been in the late 1940s when a teenager of the parish (name provided if accompanied by a generous donation to the Music fund) heard that those pipes were fake, so he thought he would check them out.  Climbing up on the choir pew after Youth Club one night, he lifted the big centre one and – yep – fake.  They were loosely ‘encouraged’ to stay in place by large, upright nails driven into the ledge that went up the centre but not attached to anything but the ledge.  And a nail is just a nail.  Hearing someone coming, he hastily dropped the pipe down, more or less in place, and ducked out.  I repeat:  more or less, with the emphasis on the less.  So – Sunday.  Everyone in their best Bib & Tucker, respectfully ready for the Service, and the organ struck up, presumably enthusiastically, because it vibrated the ledge. The precariously positioned pipe teetered, tottered, lunged forward, hit the back of the organist’s screen, did an almighty back-flip, and landed smack down the centre aisle.  I believe the Sunday School and Young People sat at the front of the church and, according to my mother, they thought this was the best thing since sliced bread.  Except for one, of course, who rather expected to get struck down by the next available bolt of lightning.  As a post-script, I would add that they’re all gone now, but the sister of the Accused denied to the end that this involved her brother.  But – my mother told me …

Enjoy the sunshine.  Keep safe, keep well, and God Bless.

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully

when we allow the unexpected to happen.”

Paulo Coelho

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