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Bits and Bites, November 19, 2020
- Posted 2020-11-20 09:27:19

“No matter how brief an encounter you have with anybody, you both change.”

Carolyn Kizer

This is definitely going to be a brief encounter by Bits’ & Bites’ usual standards; just a quick fly-past as there are a lot of things in the wind for Christmas but not quite ready to go public.

One biggie: if you want to join the team for either the Christmas Fireside video (like our Campfire but, well, Christmassy) or our video cooks/bakers, give me a call on 905-932-1897. I’m running a bit behind schedule as I had a cold last week and ended up getting Covid tested. Gotta tell you: easy peasy. If in doubt, check it out. My results were online by next morning (“negative”, please note) so I put my feet up, drank hot tea with lemon & honey for a day or two and all is now well. Another brief encounter!

Our Bible Study groups are still Zooming along, Wednesday mornings for the mixed bag and, on Thursday, the Ladies. You’ll need the entry code so make sure you’re on Rev. Adam’s email list. And feel free to bring a friend!

Friday Morning Club gets together in person on Friday mornings – all hinging on the current state of Covid affairs, of course.

And big thanks to Betty Lou and Jeanne for Decking our Halls last week so we could open for the Downtown Open House on the weekend. Thanks to all who formed the welcoming committee and particularly to The Treble Makers for their Saturday mini-concerts! I’ll see if I can post some video of them to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Oh – and you might note that the Food Bank box on my front steps is temporarily out of commission. Memo to self: next hurricane, bring the box in for the night. So, I’ll be picking up a replacement in the next few days and we’ll be back in business. (And if anyone finds any more bits of shattered blue plastic in the Forest/Division Street area, do pick them up and toss them in your recycling, won’t you?)

A bit of news to close – maybe not ‘excellent’ but moving in the direction of ‘good’. Word from Faythe Bannerman in Alberta is that her daughter is picking up though still in critical care. Faythe herself seems in pretty good spirits; she’ll be staying out in the Land of Ice & Snow (2” she says!) until April can travel back to Ontario. So – as if we weren’t already looking forward to 2021 … ! Thoughts & Prayers, people!

Keep safe, keep well, & God bless!

“This is not a letter, but my arms around you for a brief moment.”

Katherine Mansfield

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