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Bits and Bites, January 14, 2021
- Posted 2021-01-14 15:58:01

“With the new year comes a refueled motivation to improve on the past one.”

Gretchen Bleiler

So – it’s onwards and upwards to 2021. We do like a challenge!

And we shouldn’t say that 2020 was without its blessings, right? If nothing else, we proved how flexible we can be as The GP congregation.

We went digital almost overnight and now we have 50+ videos under our belt. There’ll be more: not only services, but more ‘Socials’, cooking shows, and … what else? You tell us; suggestions most welcome but you might find yourself in front of the camera or in the Director's Chair!

Bible Studies and Friday Morning Club Zoomed into action online. If you aren’t on the Rev’s email list for The Codes (a.k.a. Keys to the Kingdom) shoot him an email ( or text/call him, 289-823-0580. Are you a Zoom newbie? He can even talk you through the set-up!

We opened up The GP when we could for downtown do’s – like the city’s BIA November shopping blitz - but closed up as needed to keep our community safe.

The Food Bank donation kept piling up and getting delivered. Jeanne has just taken our first load of 2021 over. 42 pounds! And I’ve already found a new bag in the box at 39 Division Street to kick off the next installment. Smart thinking, whoever left a bag full of Dove soap bars! They take a lot more than food over there, and it’s all appreciated.

We’ve even kept up our Givings so the Mission at home and abroad can rock on! I’ll be working on our tax receipts over the next few days so keep an eye out in the mail next month.

So, when all is said and done, “Well done, good and faithful servant(s): … enter into the joy of your lord.

Looking ahead …

Session has set the date of our Annual Meeting – Sunday, March 14th – and the plan is for it to be ‘in person’ at The Gathering Place. Think positive, people! So, for those report-writers among you, your deadline is February 7th. (Please please pretty please – by email, not on paper!) You know how cranky I get when they come in late … (add a smiley face here).

And things are still happening around & about us, again thanks to new technology.

The Port Colborne Historical Society is having a Zoom meeting next Monday evening – “Exploring Historical Niagara on YouTube”. Want to see the sights (and sites) from the comfort of your armchair? Join up – drop Beth Jeffery an email at

Which leaves us with your homework for this week … and if “the dog ate it” is your response, lucky puppy!

The Historical Society notice – as well as our cookery vids – reminded me of some work I used to do on a UNESCO Wales project. UNESCO has a cultural category called, “Intangible Heritage” – big words for things that people know or do, rather than what they build and make - sayings rather than sleighbells, recipes rather than railroads. Anyone remember the oatmeal-date sandwich cookies that Flo-on-the-go used to make for church do’s? My mum had the same recipe, and there’s a story to go with it. I’ll save that for later. Today’s question is, what other treasures should we be preserving, and telling stories about. On the recipe front, I think of Shirley’s Empire Cookies, maybe her coleslaw too. Mum always said that Presbyterians were about pie; Methodists were about cake. But it isn’t just about cooking. Whenever my dad saw old Alex McNay he would yell, “Scots wha’ ha’e!” and Mr McNay would yell back, “Wi’ Wallace bled!” Scottish roots, ya think?

Yeh – I know. New year. Look ahead. But if you look back in love and feel like sharing, please do!

Keep safe, keep well, and God bless!

“Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.”

Humphry Davy

Jane Thomas


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