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New Giving Opportunity: e-Transfer
- Posted 2020-04-04 21:28:43

Good Day, All,


Treasurer Debbie has just been in and set us up to receive Interac e-transfers, which is to say, sending The Gathering Place money directly from you bank account.


If your eyes have immediately glazed over and you are hearing gibberish, here is a picture of some puppies.  Have a lovely day.  Stay safe and well.


Image result for cute puppy


If you are still with me,


Log in to your Internet Banking, whatever bank you deal with.  When you get to your Personal Page, select the Interac e-Transfer button >> Send Money, usually in the left hand column. 


Follow the instruction. PLEASE NOTE:  when it asks about a “Notification” method, they mean how THE CHURCH will know you’ve sent it so that’s where you put “


Now, some banks will want you to do a Security Question.  Choose what suits you, but you will have to email the answer separately to us at


You will probably also have a space to add some notes, but these seem to be for your reference, not ours. 


So, just carry on as the bank leads you, and then send us an email with the security question answer, your Envelope #, and how you might want the money divided up, e.g. Support of the Church, Presbyterians Sharing/Mission, Projects, Memorial, Other.  


See all this new stuff we’re learning?  And it’s all thanks to a li’l ol’ virus.  God works in mysterious ways ...


Keep safe, keep well, God bless,




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